Curriculum ICT Support

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A range of guidance, including consultancy, to support the purposeful and creative use of ICT to advance learning and teaching, and to assist with using ICT to make a distinctive contribution to the whole school curriculum.
Support under this agreement can take place in any/all of the following ways:

  • Pupil Projects: cover any use of ICT in the classroom. Control and gaming projects have been particularly successful in many Walsall primary schools. Projects can take place within school or in our dedicated training room.
  • Classroom Support: Our team is experienced in introducing new ideas, technologies and practices into classrooms. Changing pedagogy puts added pressure onto busy teachers, we can support your school to implement and embed ICT in the classroom.
  • Staff Training: We offer specific software training for all staff, for example; 2Simple, Google
    Apps and Interactive Whiteboard software, and offer a range of workshops to meet the needs of schools.

    Ongoing Support:

    • Support in identifying, prioritising and action planning to maximise the impact of ICT throughout the curriculum
    • Keeping an up-to-date bank of resources covering all areas of ICT within the curriculum
    • Publishing regular ICT updates
    • Arranging visits to other schools and ICT shows
    • Arranging ICT workshops/events with external providers
    • An annual ICT conference
    • Support with assessment of ICT to inform teaching learning
    • Support with the schools Learning Platform (Its Learning) and the school Website
    • Using class sets of Lego Mindstorms and Lego WeDo to create and program Lego models
    • Supporting the use of Apple hardware and software (iPads and Mac’s) in the classroom to enhance creativity


    Why choose us?

    We are 2 experienced teachers and ICT leaders who are NAACE members and are an ICT-Mark assessor and a Google Certified Teacher respectively.

    We keep abreast of new technologies that impact on education and disseminate this information through ICT update publications, regular email newsletters and our annual ICT conference.

    Regular contact with schools enables us to identify and promote ‘best practice’ and share ideas and inspiration.

    We can offer a wide range of support to benefit Walsall schools and enable collaboration, development of partnerships and transition projects.

    Subscribing schools get access to drop-ins, conferences, courses, advice on best practice and access to all ICT resource boxes and ‘try before you buy’ equipment

    Support can be booked for a full day or a half day morning or afternoon session (including twilight). These can be with whole staff meetings/groups or individuals within the school.

    Don’t take our word for it

    ‘The ICT support we have received at Lodge Farm JMI School has been a positive experience for pupils, staff and parents. We have received bespoke training to cater for the needs of staff linked to appraisal targets, staff training linked to VLE and new software and pupils and parents have been given support about how to use and access the VLE at home. In my opinion it has been extremely good value for money and the support and advice provided has contributed significantly to the teaching and learning across the school.

    With ICT and new technologies being prominent within the OFSTED agenda, we hope that this support can continue further into the new academic year.’

    Steph Field – Acting Head, Lodge Farm Primary School

    ‘Lucy and Marc, the primary ICT advisors for Walsall, have been invaluable during my role as ICT Co-ordinator. They are available whenever I need support and advice whether it be relating to the changes in the curriculum, purchasing new resources or support with on-line learning platforms. As a whole school, staff have been delighted with their delivery of ICT lessons which both inspire, develop and extend the children’s learning whilst demonstrating good teaching with new resources for our staff to gain experience from. The courses they run are current, accessible and relevant to the continuous changes to the curriculum. They also provide us with in service training for our Teaching Assistants which again strengthens our knowledge of ICT within the school, enabling all staff to work confidently within ICT. Above all they are really friendly and approachable to work alongside.’

    Laura Postings – ICT Co-ordinator Watling Street Primary School

    cost Costs

    This service is priced per annum at:

    Primary schools and Primary academies at £500 per site plus £4.00 per pupil

    Nursery schools £500 per site plus £4.00 per pupil

    Special schools and Special academies at £500 plus £4.00 per pupil

    Secondary schools and secondary academies £750 plus £4.00 per pupil

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    Information Services and ICT Service Level Agreement 17/18

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